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  Instructions: To start, simply click in the grid. After you click anywhere, you need to click again on any cell of the grid to bring it back in focus.
Letter keys: Use to type in your answer. The cursor is moved right or down automatically. If the letter is right, it appears in black, if wrong, in red. If a letter is right, it can neither be changed nor erased.
Spacebar: Changes the orientation from across to down and vice-versa.
Arrow keys: Move up, down, left or right one cell at a time.
Backspace: Erase the content of a cell.
Tab: Move forward one word at a time, skipping correct words.
Shift + Tab: Move backward one word at a time, skipping correct words.
And if you are stuck, click on "Solve Word" to solve the currently selected word.
To start over again simply press the Refresh button on your browser tool bar or the F5 key.

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